A well-established local wholesale distribution company is currently seeking an assistant to our Corporate Credit Manager.  In this role you will be responsible for the following duties.

Duties to include:

Pick up mail at local post office and separate mail.

Alphabetize checks and make copies of all check stubs and checks.

Prepare Desktop Deposit through Wells Fargo Banking.

Post daily check deposits to customer accounts and/or general ledger accounts.

Process and post credit card payments on customer accounts.

Process invoices for prior business day deliveries (Edit List).

Print invoices for EHC and EHF branch.

Attach invoices to delivery tickets for EHC and EHF

Mail customer’s invoices

Reconciliation and maintenance of assigned COD accounts to include follow-up on short payment and non-payment situations.

New accounts duties include credit reference requests, and obtaining credit bureau information.  These accounts range in size to one person shops to major corporations. 

Entering credit and COD accounts on to the computer system, maintaining current address and contact information.

Review of credit approval requests on accounts that are over their credit lines or past due or both.

Obtaining credit bureau and credit reference information for credit line reviews on existing accounts.

Fielding customer service and account calls from our account base.  Interacting with our sales force to minimize and solve customer service issues.

Responding to requests for credit reference information from other vendors on our customer base.

Obtaining backup information and process customer refund requests.

Backup Corporate Credit Manager when they are out of the office.

Assisting with month-end statement processing.

Updating tax exemption status and maintaining current tax status files on Washington accounts.


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